Is Cabinet Refacing at Cabinet Replacement Better Than a New Door?

Cabinet refacing is the process of replacing cabinet doors, drawers, and trim with a new material. The option to replace existing cabinet doors or cabinets with new ones is often a better choice over cabinet replacement, but there are some advantages and disadvantages to both processes. The question is how to determine which is best for your particular needs. This article outlines the basics of cabinet refacing vs cabinet replacement and will explain that you should consider when making this decision.

Replacing cabinet doors is simple: all you need to do is take out the old doors and drawer fronts and replace them with a new material. While this may seem straightforward, in fact it can be complicated and frustrating if you don’t have the proper instructions. If you don’t want to spend the money on hiring professionals then the best option may be to replace cabinet doors yourself. However, you should always ensure that you fully understand the process involved before taking on this task.

There are many cabinet replacement options, but one of the most popular choices is to use solid wood doors with glass inserts. These glass inserts give the appearance of more expensive materials like cherry hardwood, mahogany, or walnut. They also provide the added benefit of being able to view the contents through the same cabinet, even though the materials used are much different.

When you are choosing a method for refinishing your cabinet doors, you need to decide whether you want to purchase new or refurbished products. You should also pay attention to how the cabinet door hardware will be installed. For example, if you have standard cabinet doors that can be opened and closed with a single lever, then you’ll need to buy new cabinet knobs that are fitted with the same lever. This will save you a small amount of money, but will make it harder to open and close your cabinet doors. If you want to install new cabinet knobs, then you can choose to have the hardware made to match the cabinet design.

Once you have decided on all of these details, you can get to work. The first step involves removing any trim around the cabinet door. You can do this by hand or with a power washer. Once you have removed the trim, you should move on to the next step which involves painting the cabinet doors to seal the moisture in. It is possible to buy unfinished cabinet doors that are pre stained, which would make the job go faster, but the time investment may be worthwhile if you want to paint the cabinet doors yourself.

When you have painted the cabinet door, you can cover the entire door with the same shade of stain. This way you will create a uniform color, which will help the overall look of your room. When you have finished this step, you can finish cleaning the cabinet doors and put everything back into place. The cabinet replacement will not take long to complete and if you follow the above guide, you will have a beautiful new cabinet refaced in no time. Click here for more details on cabinet refinishing.